2020.08.29 - The Next Major Job VI

Finally the temperature has fallen to a point where I can use quantities of epoxy without having to worry about it going off too fast. This morning the temperature was a chilly 11 Celsius so immediately after breakfast I went out to the workshop, got everything prepared and set to.

I mixed up two pumps of epoxy then added 5 measures of filleting blend and when this was thoroughly mixed I put it into a plastic piping bag and snipped off the end. The epoxy mixture was carefully piped into the joint I prepared over a month ago, faired, covered with peel play and un-thickened epoxy brushed over the peel ply.

As expected the difficult bit was the two steps in the corner of the joint. The result would possibly been better if the the epoxy were stiffer but then it would not be soft enough to use the piping bag. Swings and roundabouts.

Both sides were a bit of a mess at this tricky bit.

But the rest of the joint went fairly well.

I didn't go all the way up the bulkhead on the starboard side as the access was too cramped and I left a decent piece of peel ply hanging to make the removal easier.

It's not easy to see but the epoxy was put into the awkward part of the port side as well but I didn't bother to put peel ply on here as it is not going to be seen and there is a screw into the bilge keel that I had to keep clear.

Several hours later in the afternoon the epoxy was cured and I was able to remove the peel ply.

The tricky bits were still a mess.

On both sides, but I think that the joint is still sealed even though the result is less than pretty.

Despite the messy bits the joint seems to be well sealed and so I can now get on with the other jobs that need the cockpit lockers to be back in place.

Tea time!