2020.08.17 - New Halyard Guide I

When I first constructed Naiad I used bullseyes to guide the various ropes where they needed to go. However, two of them did not work out quite as I intended.

These two guide the peak and throat halyards from the cam cleats by the cockpit to the blocks at the bottom of the mast where they then travel up the mast as normal. This is so that I can hoist the mainsail without having to leave the safety of the cockpit.

This is how the lines go.

And although the angle through which the lines are deflected by the bullseyes is not that great, there is, nevertheless, a significant amount of friction generated and when I hoist the sail I have to brace one foot against the cabin and haul mightily.

So, these two bullseyes have to go.

Instead they will be replaced by two of these. Sort of.

You see, I don't really want the outer shell of the blocks, just the sheaves. These sheaves have ball-bearings in order to reduce the friction even more.

So, with a little effort I ground off the riveted end of the pins that hold the sheaves in place and took the blocks apart.

I'll continue with this later.