2020.08.16 - Le Tonkinoise Varnish & West System Epoxy - Part 1

I started a new can of varnish during the week and since I had forgotten what thinner to use I went to the website to find out. Whilst I was on that site I glanced over a few other things and noticed that the sellers of Le Tonkinoise Varnish do not recommend using it over West System Epoxy. I found this strange since I've used it without problems provided that you ensure that the amine blush is removed before varnishing.

I was at a bit of a loose end this afternoon and I decided to test out the varnish over West System epoxy after using peel ply. The peel ply certainly removes the blush but leaves a non-smooth surface behind and I wanted to see just how effective the varnish would be on this surface with no other preparation than removing the peel ply.

So apiece of scrap wood lightly sanded with 80 grit sandpaper.

The wood now coated with a single layer of epoxy.

The peel ply laid on the epoxy and more epoxy brushed onto the top to ensure that the peel ply is completely saturated with epoxy and that there are no air bubbles.

The next step will be tomorrow.