2020.08.11 - Varnishing Continued

I have put 6 coats of varnish onto the panels now and on one day I was able to get 2 coats on it was so warm. It has been a really hot few days.

I had hoped to sand and then put another coat of varnish on this evening after leaving the varnish to harden since yesterday morning but, alas, it is way too hot. I'm sweating just standing still I the workshop let alone doing anything physical.

Besides, I need it to be at least 10 degrees cooler or I'd be wasting my time. The reason for this is that the varnish is supposed to level over the course of about 30 minutes leaving a smooth surface free of brush marks. Unfortunately, it is so hot that the varnish has started to cure before the brush marks have had time to flow out.

You can just about see the lines in the reflection of the light in this photo. Sanding with a block will flatten these out well enough but until the temperature has dropped somewhat there's no point in trying to sand and varnish as the varnish would simply go off too fast again and I'd end up having to redo it all.

So, I now have to wait until the temperature is below 20 Celsius or so and then not rise too fast after the varnish has been applied. Right now that will probably be Sunday morning early.

Oh well.