2020.08.08 - Starting the Varnishing

It is another exceedingly hot day, not as hot as yesterday and probably not as hot as the next few days either, but hot enough. I decided that something not too strenuous would be appropriate and since I have several panels removed from Naiad these would get a light sanding and some more varnish.

It was quite hot enough, even first thing, to make me break out in a sweat just doing the light sanding and I was relieved when I could switch to the random orbital sander to finish the job. I didn't use this to start since it doesn't flatten the high spots in the varnish. To do that I used a short length of wood with sandpaper wrapped around it. Once the high spots had been removed, or largely removed, I could use the sander to finish.

Then I applied a coat oaf varnish to the panels.

Here is the result. I'll apply a few more coats in subsequent days, probably the morning before it gets too hot and then these can be put aside to for the varnish to harden before they are put back in the boat.

Not a huge amount of work for today's task but in this heat, more than enough.