2020.07.27 - The Next Major Job IV

First thing this morning I mixed up a small batch of thickened epoxy and filled the gaps in the bulkhead section whilst the temperature was still low.

One gap at the lower end of the bulkhead.

And one gap at the top. This one wasn't really necessary to seal up, but I had epoxy to spare.

This is the bulkhead in the attitude in which it will be installed when the poxy has cured.

Later on in the afternoon, the epoxy had cured enough to be sanded and here is the bulkhead section in place ready to be filleted.

Not a huge amount of work but it needed to be done before Wednesday morning when the forecast temperature is 12 Celsius and should allow me to fillet the entire bulkhead before it gets too warm.

We shall see.

Time for a fresh cup of tea.