2020.07.26 - The Next Major Job III

Work on sealing the bulkhead has progressed slowly over the last two or three weeks mainly hampered by the weather. The advantage of the hay barn is that the perspex roof makes it very light underneath meaning that one can work without having to use lighting. The disadvantage of the hay barn is that the perspex roof allows the sun to shine through and it become very hot underneath, too hot to work. So I have to choose the times at which I carry out any work carefully.

The starboard side of the bulkhead came out fairly easily and in this photo the hull has been sanded back a little and cleaned up. The bulkhead was a little damaged in the removal due to my forgetting one screw underneath the starboard thwart.

This is the bulkhead itself with the damaged section cut back which you can see at the top right.

Here the damaged peace has been replaced by a small piece of marine plywood epoxied into place and the hole for the screw predrilled.

Getting things back together was tedious not because it was difficult but rather that the extra layer of epoxy on the edges, although not very thick, required some sanding back in order to make the bulkhead fit again.

The side of the locker has been screwed back into place as it holds the bulkhead in position. It will be removed when the fillet is added and then screwed back before the epoxy hardens so that the bulkhead is glued in the correct position. Either that or I shall clamp a batten in place forward of the bulkhead to achive the same thing. Either way, the locker sider has to be removed whilst the fillet is added as it is completely in the way.

Still, the work has been done and the bulkhead is ready to fillet on the starboard side.

One part of the port side is in place but the second part needs to have a gap filled with epoxy before it is put into place. However, the temperature is too high for epoxy right now, so I'll have to wait until it is suitable for mixing epoxy before I can continue with this bit.

Time for a cup of tea.