2020.05.09 - Low-Profile, Side-Entry Deck Gland - Fitting Part III

The longer bolts have arrived so it is time to complete the fitting of the deck gland. Butyl tape was wrapped around the thread just by the head of the bolts to help seal the hole through the coachroof and this also served to hold the bolts in place.

The ends of the bolts sticking up on the outside were similarly wrapped as close to the coachroof as I could manage. The gasket that came with the gland was seated on the three protruding bolts followed by the gland itself.

Tina had to assist with the next bit since it required someone on the inside to turn the bolt and someone on the outside to hold the nuts in place.

The first bolt has been tightened down finger tight and the second at the back has just had the nut out on. The little grey ball next to the gland is butyl sealant.

All three bolts have been tightened up and you can just see some sealant protruding from the side of the gland. Since the coachroof has been painted with deck paint and therefore contains rough bits, I'll also put a bead of sealant around the gland, just to make sure, once the wiring has been run through the gland and checked.