2020.04.02 - Useful Things Rafters

The tasks I set myself for Naiad were as follows:

  • Unfasten the solar panels.
  • Take the headsails and rigging apart.
  • Stow the furling gear.
  • Remove standing rigging from the spars.
  • Store the spars out of the way.

The headsail and rigging came apart fairly easily but I've not yet found the box in which I stored all the labels from the last haul out so I've not stowed anything away yet. I need to label it all first. But I did get it all done.

The solar panels unfastened and moved a bit. As you can see, a clean here is required!

However, the reason for lifting them was not to clean under them but to fix a leak. Heavy rain is enough to flood under the panels and goes down the hole through which the cable passes and I need to fix that.

The spars were easily undressed and now they hang under the rafters in the hay barn as can be seen here.

This gets them out of the way and allows me to pass along the port side of the boat without having to navigate around heavy spars on trestles. I will, however, probably keep bumping my head on them instead, but since I wear a hat outside, it probably won't matter that much.