2020.04.01 - Scrubbing the Decks

The task for the day was the removal of the rope work from the tiller, some sanding but mainly deck scrubbing.

Here you can see the tiller with the rope work removed. I slid each one off and onto a thick dowel. I had to turn down two of the dowels before the rope work would fit but they are now all safely on their keepers. The grey marks on the tiller is where the varnish has come off and the weather has made the wood grey. You can also see the "before" state of the decks.

Some sanding later and the wood is looking a lot better. It is still weathered in places so I have purchased some Oxalic acid crystals to try and bleach the remaining grey out.

The rope work will also need some attention. I need to find a way to make the rope white again.

I used the pressure washer again on the decks where I could and then resorted to a bucket and scrubbing brush. The result is pretty good. More will need to be done but that can wait until various sanding and scraping has been done first.

Clean decks from a different angle.

The other side.

And the poop and stern decks.

I had to light the heater again since the pressure washer forced a lot of water under the hatch and into the boat. Whilst it was lighting up I mopped the water to of the bilge with a cloth and bowl.

Tasks completed without too much effort.