2020.03.24 - Covid-19 & Naiad

So, we're all working form home, staying socially distanced from everyone and, quite frankly, I'm already starting to be bored out of my skull!!

Work isn't too bad since I've been working from home for the last 5+ years and I'm not the most social of people anyway, still, not being able to do anything else is certainly going to be taxing.

So, Naiad is coming home. Wednesday's winds look to be perfect for the trip and I'll make a start at dawn to allow myself enough time to get to Denver Sluice in daylight and hopefully Naiad should be home sometime in the evening before dark.

I'll walk over to the club whilst it is still dark and most sensible people are still abed, get the heater going and the kettle on and set off as soon as I can. That means 30 minutes before sunrise which is 05:48. I could go earlier as I have navigation lights, but sailing in the dark is not generally something you want do be doing solo if you can avoid it.

I doubt that I shall see anyone on the trip to the slip although the first bridge, Modney Bridge, is at the small village of Ten Mile Bank and that might mean a dog walker or two on the river bank. We should be able to keep the required 2m separation even so. The second bridge, the railway, is in the middle of nowhere so I'll probably not see anyone there either. The final stop is the slipway itself and there might be some people around here, maybe a rower or two exercising on the river but I expect to be able to get Naiad into her trailer and back home without meeting anyone.

Once I arrive at the slip I'll need to lower the mast again, get the rudder unshipped and her lines sorted out, but once that is done I'll call Tina and put the kettle on. By the time the tea is made and drunk she should have arrived with the trailer and we can haul Naiad out and tow her home.

That then leaves me the rest of the Covid-19 "emergency" period to work on her upkeep and that will certainly stop me from getting bored!

Roll on Wednesday!


Been to the Sluice and picked up a key for the slipway. they are doing some dredging work at the sluice right now. Interesting to watch.