2019.08.09 - Frustrating!

It has, as the title suggests, been a frustrating two months from a sailing point of view. Once again, whilst the weather has been warm and sunny, the wind has either been too much or too little.

I've only been down to Naiad few times to check her lines as I don't even go there after work these days. You see, I'm on a strict diet (Fast 800) and as a result I don't have any calorific intake after noon and that includes cups of coffee or tea with milk. Now my visits to Naiad in the afternoon despite the weather have been to sit on the river with a cup of tea and just be on the river if it is not suitable sailing weather.

But I really do not see the point of trying to do that without the tea. So for the last twenty weeks, I have not been down to the club for time on Naiad, it just does not feel right. I get there, sit in the cockpit and within a few minutes I want to leave and get on with something else.


Still, the end of the diet is in sight which will mean the afternoon visits to Naiad will resume. Hopefully so will the sailing but that depends on the wind!