2019.05.14 - Taking Advantage of the Good Weather

The forecast for the afternoon indicated that it would be possible to have a sail, so as soon as work was done I went down to the boat and set off.

Initially I headed up river but decided that since the wind was going to be against me on my return whether I went up or down river, I might as well go the quieter route and turned around to beat back past the mooring.

Once past the club the wind was favourable and I had a good sail as far as the Gaia Wind turbine at which point I turned round and started the long beat back to the club.

It was a great sail even though the wind strengthened somewhat during the last part of the trip and I found myself with too much sail up, but it had to stay up as the wind by the mooring was very light due to the shelter afforded by the buildings and trees around the club.

Still, it was a lovely two hours on the river on a warm, sunny afternoon.

Before I turned back I took a short video of the swan's nest, now abandoned as the eggs have hatched and the parents and chicks were a little further up river. But you can see from the ripples on the water that the wind is from behind as at the end of the video, where I swing round to show where I've come from, you can see clearly that the wind is from behind.