2019.04.20 - Easter Saturday Afternoon Sail

The weather, as I am sure you have already gathered, has been very good this Easter. Friday was warm and sunny and although today started off misty this soon clear to give an another sunny day in the Fens. The wind was about zero this morning so I went down to Naiad to do some work on fixing the to leaks I have whilst it is dry for a few days. Pictures to be taken tomorrow.

This afternoon I took Naiad out for a sail. the wind was light but strong enough in places to give me a good sail. At one point I had a constant enough, strong wind to allow me to have full sail up and to be able to balance the boat. This is very good as it means that the sail plan I have is not far wrong.

Not only did I remember where the swan nest, was but I remembered in time to get out the camera.

I went past fairly quickly but none of the sails flapped so the sitting swan was not disturbed.

A bit farther downriver I cam across another sitting swan but this time the swan was disturbed but my sailing past, I was tacking at the time, and got off the nest and swam away making distressed noises, so I turned about and started back to the club. I was pleased to see that as I did so, the swan returned to the nest.

Lovely conditions, if only the wind were not so fickle.

And the banks were not so high.

It is still a lovely place to sail even for just a couple of hours.