2019.04.11 - Too Much Sail. Edit: Added Video

The weather forecast for the afternoon and evening was for force 2 winds from the North East, gusting force 4. Ideal sailing weather. Once I had finished work I went down to the mooring and prepared to sail. No tea for me today, it was after 16:00 and I try not to take in any calories from 16:00 on one day to at least 08:00 the next and that includes the milk in tea.

As usual for this wind direction, the wind was light and flukey until I cleared the moorings and trees and then it was quite patchy. Unfortunately the windy bits were too windy for the sail I had up and each time a sailed into one of those windy spots I had to power the sails down by letting them out and that allowed them to flog, shaking and stressing the boat in general. Not comfortable at all. There was no point in taking in a reef to reduce the pressure in the sails since the moment I sailed out of the windy patches I needed all sail up.

I did manage to remember to mount the video camera today but I noticed that there were two things wrong. Firstly, it was not properly balanced and occasionally developed camera shake and secondly, my wonderful clamp and holder arrangement sets the camera too high and the boom knocks it when I tack. So I turned it off partway through the sail and put it away. I'll edit the video a bit later and then put it on this post.

Despite the windy gusts and shaking Naiad a lot, I had a good sail and nothing else went wrong. The swans are nesting but when we passed their nest I was in the middle of a windy bit and could not spare a hand to get out the camera and take a few shots.

Maybe next time.

Watch this space for the video.

Since 18 minutes of sailing is a fairly boring thing to watch, even for a sailor, I've edited the video to fast forward past the bits where nothing interesting happens. Interesting from the point of view of someone watching the video, that is, since the whole trip was interesting to me whilst I was sailing it!

This is the first time I have managed to record a video using the Sennheiser microphone I bought for the GoPro. It's the MKE 2 Elements package and has a fairly decent microphone inside a wind proof ball.

This system comes as a replacement back for the action camera housing, the built-in microphone and a connector to plug it into the camera.

This is what you get for your money...

...and this is what your GoPro looks like when the microphone is fitted.

It does a great job of eliminating the wind noise you would otherwise get with a "naked" GoPro when sailing. As you will see towards the end of the video when the strong wind gust hits.

As usual, I didn't pay the advertised price. I found a warehouse online that was having a stock clearance and the last two of these were selling at £17 each.

I bought both! I do have two cameras.