2019.03.23 - I Won't Do That Again

Today has been a very productive day. I bought a new battery for one of the cars, we made a huge bonfire to burn all the things we have been saving up for a dry weekend where the wind is from the North, we put up the secondary guttering in the barn and also constructed and mounted the facia that fits on the North side of the barn. After hastily eating my lunch I rushed over to the club to go for a sail as the wind had been great so far.

And therein lies the problem. Not the wind but the rush. I continued to rush to get out on the water and once I was there and sailing I couldn't relax, at least not at first. I was fidgety for about an hour and although it was great to be out sailing again, I would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not rushed beforehand.

Still, it was a nice sail.

A Northerly wind meaning that I tacked down river to start.

The wind generator and the afternoon sun.

The new tiller with the lashings spaced out. Very nice it is and comfortable to use.

Heading back toward the moorings. The wind generator can be seen in the distance.

The wind died about 100m from the mooring, so I had to lower all sail and paddle the remaining distance to the mooring. Not a problem, it just meant that I was out on a beautiful, sunny, March, Saturday afternoon for a little bit longer.

Two hours out on the water.