2019.01.05 - First Sail of the Year

The forecast was marginal and it was cold out but I decided to go for a sail anyway. I arrived early, and by 9am had lit the heater, put on the kettle and prepared the boat. The wind was from the West North West (ish) so the trip down river gave the best sailing, a beat down the river and a run back again, or at least the wind behind the beam. So off I went. I did have a little snag on hoisting the main, the throat would not go all the way up and the luff was slack. I decided that the reason for this was that the peak was already up too high and was making the gaff jaws bite agains the mast. I lowered the peak and sure enough the throat went up to where I expected it to be and the luff was taut.

I only used the main and the staysail, the and was too strong to be using the jib as well.

I had a good sail for just over an hour before turning around for the mooring. I could have used the main to get back but I felt that the wind was really too strong and I either needed to put in a reef or lower it completely and just the staysail. I chose to lower the main and had a very leisurely sail back to the mooring.

I also got cold. I'd been warm up till then, I had on two pairs of thick socks, moon boots and was using my three layer glove and mittens but I had forgotten that sailing off the wind is a sedentary pursuit and I was not wearing a windproof jacket, so I got cold.

Nevertheless, is was a good sail.

No photos or videos, I forgot the camera and gimbals and was either too busy or too cold to use the iPhone.

Maybe next time.