2019.01.01 - Second Sailing Season in Review

So, how did the second sailing season go? Pretty much a mixed bag really, Naiad didn't get launched until late April, nearly two months later than I had wanted and the weather shortly after that was not conducive to sailing. The six weeks or so of hot weather we had although nice, from a sailing point of view was a bit of a dead loss. The wind either blew too hard or not at all. Counting up how many times I was able to get out on the river in Naiad for a total of 14 outings shows me that I either need to sail in conditions that push Naiad's limits given the geography or I just need to expect that sailing around here is going to be sparse.

At least I can get out on the river, prior to launching Naiad I sailed not at all!

In hindsight it seems to have been the correct decision to leave Naiad in the water over the Winter, I have managed to get in 6 outings since the end of October which is nearly half the total number of outings for he the entire year. The downside is that I am unable to carry out some work that I'd like to do, repositioning the attachment points for the whisker shrouds, for example, and these will either have to wait until next Winter when Naiad will be taken out for a month, or two or I'll have to try to do the work whilst she is afloat.

Then there is the annual maintenance, rubbing down and varnishing for example. That is going to be interesting and after two years of no maintenance parts of Naiad do need some attention. That won't happen until the weather warms up a little for the parts of the boat that cannot be removed. some things, however, will be taken off and brought back to the workshop for treatment. The tiller and the quant being chief amongst those.

So, to summarise, not bad but could do better.

Story of my life really :)