2018.12.28 - Another Winter's Sail

Down to the mooring early again today, the wind forecast to be force 2 gusting 3 and South of West so a good chance to head down river.

Once again an attempt to get a good shot of the moorings but no better than last time.

The view ahead is pretty much like yesterday except that today the Wind Generator (made by Gaia Wind who have just been saved from administration) is not turning at all.

I said the other day that going the other way is not my favourite direction to go due to the traffic noise, well harken to this...

... that's a whole heap of geese (I think) in the fields the other side of the bank. You can also see the stationary wind generator despite the wind I have in the sails.

The aim today was an hour's sail down river and then to turn back. I wanted to be out for around 3 hours and applying Uncle Charles' rule about one third out and two thirds back gave me the turn around time. It was a very leisurely sail, the forecast may have been for force 2 gusting 3 what we go was less than force 1 gusting a little over force 1.I measured it with an anemometer!

I was back on the mooring about 10 minutes before my anticipated time and the whole trip from door to door was just over the three hours I'd allowed.

Good sailing!