2018.11.23 - Kingfisher

The wind was a bit light but good enough for a sail so I set off around 11am well wrapped up as it is quite cold today.

It is also just bit murky as you can see from this photo looking back towards the club.

I saw a kingfisher again today, I saw it last week as well but in flight but today it was perched on the piling at the river's edge and stayed there as I sailed past. Long enough for me to take a couple of photos but since I only had my iPhone and had it at maximum zoom, the photos are not that good.

Here it is and I've ringed it otherwise you would probably not see it.

Here's the second photo and it is still hard to see.

So here is the centre of the original photo, the one above are reduced to 20% or the original size. A little easier to see but I doubt that you'd identify it as a kingfisher from this photo.

And the cropped it of the second photo.

I think you are going to have to take my word for it being a kingfisher but now that I know more or less where it hangs out I'll be watchful each time I pass by this area. Who knows, I might get a better photo yet.

Here's a short video clip showing the effect that the bank has on the wind. It was taken in the Black Hole and starts but looking at the bank and the trees, then pans to the telltales on the shrouds where you can see that there is virtually no wind there and then the view goes up the the burgee where you can see that there is wind up there. The water is pretty calm as you can see from the reflections. It's the wind the the very top of the sail that keep Naiad moving.