2018.09.11 - Action Camera Mounting Clamp Progress II

The day's tasks was an easy one today as the forecast is for rain and wind, so no sailing.

The camera mounting clamp and spacer ready to be tested.

The spacer is 'U' shaped to prevent it from sliding off the side of the lower arm and also to restrain the metal tongue.

This is how it will fit on the boat although it may need some fine tuning so I'll take some sandpaper along with m this afternoon.

And here is the clamp in place. I didn't need the sandpaper, the fit was close enough.

I did need to bend the metal tongue a little.

Even without a spanner, just tightening the bolt finger tight, gives a good solid clamp that lacks the precariousness of the "official" mounts.

It is at times like this that I could do with a 3D printer. I could make up quite a nice clamp now that I have the prototype working. As it is I'll just have to use the prototype as the real thing.