2018.06.11 - An Unexpectedly Brief Sail

My weather station had been reading 0 knots of wind for most of the day but I took the chance to cycle down to the club just in case there was enough wind there for a sail. It is, after all, a mile away from the weather station in our field and the wind is often different. At the worst I could have another cup of tea although I have to say that I had already drunk many cups of tea during the day.

It turned out that there was just enough wind so I set up down river in the hot sunshine, not forgetting to slather some sun lotion on the exposed skin.

I had a very leisurely sail down the river, sailing nicely in the gusts and drifting in the calms, when I spotted trouble.

There is a drain pumping station just by the wind turbine and today it was pumping out the drain into the main river, something that I have not seen before. As you can see it is fairly flowing out into the river and my concern was that with just a light wind I would have difficulty in sailing agains the extra current that this outflow caused. Had the wind been stronger then it would not have been a concern. Since I didn't want to paddle against this either I turned around and drifted back to my mooring. Just a brief sail of an hour but a very pleasant one nevertheless.