2018.06.05 - Another Move

I had a phone call from the club chairman a few days so asking me if I would be so kind as to move Naiad to a different pontoon. I had mentioned to her husband, the mooring master, that if needed I could move since Naiad is the smallest of the boats on the club moorings and could fit into any of the space unlike some of the boats which are huge.

Two of the club members had a problem in that their boat was now moored port-side to the pontoon whereas previously they were starboard side to. The difficulty was that due to physical infirmities they found it neigh on impossible to to get onto the boat this way round. Conveniently Naiad's berth is a starboard side to mooring so we have swapped places. Naiad is now three pontoons South of where she was at the beginning of the season.

On her new pontoon.

Now, the new berth suffered from the same deficiency as the previous one so I needed to moved the posts and the fender board to the new spot before moving Naiad over. Whilst I had the fender board ashore I fixed the eight new fenders to the plank so that I do not have to worry about where Naiad's fenders should be tied.

Here is a closer view of the new board.

And another from the pontoon at which Naiad touches the fenders mounted on the board.

The water is deeper and muddier on this pontoon so the posts had to be tied in place. This is the post furthest out into the river and tied to the metal mounting pole on the other side of the pontoon.

At the other end of the the board there is a convenient cleat.

I took the opportunity to spray the cockpit cover with silicone spray as the recent sunshine has evaporated that which was sprayed on before.

The new view from the cockpit whilst I drink my tea!