2018.05.13 - Unexplored Territory

Having done some re-enactment preparation first thing this morning I decided that despite the weather (overcast and with a fine drizzle) I'd go down to the boat and see how that was faring. We have 11mm or rain lat night so that is a good test for the waterproofed cockpit cover. At the very least I'd have a cup of tea onboard.

Nothing in the bilge here on the port side...

...and a very small puddle on the starboard side. I'd say that the cover is doing it's job.

The forecast for today is North West(ish) 2 gusting 5. I could do without the gusting 5 but the force 2 looked good. When I got to the mooring the wind was definitely good for a sail and this time down river. I set off at 10:30 and by10:55 I was passing our local wind turbine.

It is only a small one, 5kW I believe, but it is visible for quite some distance.

The wind held up, although at times it was a bit flukey due to trees and buildings but I finally made it to the Modney Bridge at noon, turned round and started back up river.

Here is the bridge as I turned around to head back.

I passed the wind turbine at 13:01 and was back on my mooring at 13:25. In retrospect I took the main down too early and used just the headsails to sail the last 500 yards, I should have waited until I was within 100 yards but it did have the advantage of extending my sail by 20 minutes or so.

A very pleasant sail and to a part of the river that I have not reached before. There and back is just over 5 nautical miles (~6 statute miles).