2018.05.05 - Finally!

I managed to get a sail this morning. The wind was not very strong but the current sure was and I had to use the paddle a fair bit to compensate for the current. Without this I would have had a great sail going nowhere!

Next time I go to the boat I must remember to take the sun cream with me, it was a beautiful sunny day but I had to ensure that I covered up as I had forgotten to bring any sun protection.

It looks like there is enough wind here but at this point it is only just enough to overcome the current in the opposite direction.

Leaving the Ship Inn behind. As you can see there is little wind and I was not going to try the wind hole in these conditions.

This is the view in the other direction. Now sailing with the current we are moving a lot faster.

These two have set up their nest a few hundred yards up river from the club. Notice how high they have made the next which is required due to the rise and fall of the water level. It's not so big today but in recent weeks this nest would have been nearly flooded.