2018.05.01 - Bits & Pieces

The weather was quite nice today albeit still quite windy. The temperature reached 14 Celsius here in the Fens and I went down to Naiad in the afternoon after work.

Here is the first of the two rope bags fitted in place.

And with the ropes stowed inside. I may put a partition in the middle but I'll wait until I've sailed around a bit first to see if it is necessary.

I also installed a bungee across the back of the cockpit.

It is just held on with stainless screw in hooks but it should do the job.

The idea is to wrap the bungee around the tiller like this...

...with a twist in the bungee which holds the tiler in place and prevents any movement even by hand.

Or like this which allows the tiller to be moved easily if required but is also not so secure as a result.

The view from the cockpit upwind.

With the wind in the North I had to put out two more mooring ropes. You can just see them in the photo above. These held Naiad away from the pontoon.

The paint had started to wear away from the continual rubbing of the fenders.