2018.04.29 - More Boat Securing and Rope Bags

I went down to Naiad in the early afternoon and had a cup of tea onboard. I noticed that Naiad was moving around on the mooring quite a lot and she really needed to have fenders tied to the fender board on the pontoon. I went and retrieved two of the old tires that I used on the previous mooring and suspended these in the middle (ish) of the two ropes that were closest to the pontoon. These helped to stop Naiad from moving around so much but she still tends to bump up against the fender board.

On returning home I ordered eight small fenders that I'll fix to the fender board which will stop me having to rearrange the fenders on Naiad to suit the prevailing winds.

I also started on the rope bags for the cockpit.

I cut out the canvas for two bags and Tina did her magic with the sewing machine. Here is one of the two.

About 10" wide and tall and 3" deep these should be big enough to do the job. Like this they are too floppy to be any good.

To hold the mouth of the bag open I cut a long cable tie to length and sewed this into the canvas.

Like this. The plastic reinforces three of the four sides, the straight side will be held on to the cabin upstands with a piece of wood as wide as the bag and about 1" high screwed to the upstand.

I may need to heat up the plastic a bit and shape it a the corners...

...but not until after I've mounted it and seen how it performs. It looks to be about right, however.