2018.04.24 - Towing & More Mooring Modifications

I took a short trip into Downham Market after work to get a rear registration plate for the Vivaro as I had a tow bar fitted yesterday and now need the plate for the boat trailer and anything else that I tow. I must remember to grease the tow ball before using it. It is all bright and shiny at the moment.

The mooring modification consisted of tying the plank to the two poles fixed yesterday. This is known as a fender board and can either hang from the pontoon as I have done here or it is slung from the boat outside of the fenders.
With this modification the fenders that I hang over the side of Naiad will rest against the plank. If I did not do this then Naiad would keep on floating under the pontoon since she is lower in the water than the height of the pontoon. My previous mooring already had this fender board fitted, but this pontoon does not.

Here is the result. It’s not quite level but it will do until Naiad is on the mooring and I can adjust it to the correct height and level.

The support ropes are just held in place with large staples.

Here’s a closer look.

I declare the new cockpit cover a success. It has been raining all day and I’m sitting in the cockpit having put on the plastic cockpit tent and then removed the cover which is now hanging inside the workshop drying a bit. The bilges were completely dry despite the rain although the spars and ropes are dripping into the cockpit as they were not out of the rain until the tent went on.

So, another good day.