2018.04.15 - Applying the Liquid Copper

The day started a little bit murky but that is fine as the temperature was not too cold.

The first task was remove the peel ply and carry out any sanding required.

This, for example, needs to be sanded flat.

Then I washed the hull using the car washing brush attachment on the hose to removed as much of the copper and epoxy dust that remained on the surface. You'll notice that I took the tarpaulin down as it is no longer required. From this point on, as long as the hull is not dripping wet, the Liquid Copper will adhere.

A short while later the hull was dry after encouragement from the hot air gun!

And here is the first layer of Liquid Copper allied to the hull...

...to the rudder blade...

...and to the rudder stock.

Now it's back to the waiting game, then next task continues once the epoxy is tack free.

So, the start of the next bit with the waterline taped up again.

An hour or so later and the rudder parts have their second coat...

And so does the hull. The day's tasks are not quite finished yet as I have still to remove the masking tape but I need a sit down for a while first. As long as I get the tape of this evening it will be fine.

And there we go, the final task of the day completed with the masking tape removed from all the work pieces.

All the tasks for the weekend are now complete and I will start on the topsides tomorrow.