2018.04.08 - Final Preparations Part III

There were only two tasks for today, removing the peel ply put on yesterday, the work of a few minutes but the second task, 'Coat entire hull under the waterline with un-thickened epoxy and peel ply.' was very hard work.

With the peel ply removed the keel around the slot looks a lot better than yesterday.

The peel ply comes off fairly easily and leaves a tidy finish.

A closer view shows the imprint of the mesh that will form a very good key for the next layer.

Four hours later and one side of the hull is done.

It took a while to get the hang of this but the trick is not to try an put on as large a swath of the peel ply as possible as the curvature makes it difficult to get the fabric to lie flat.

Instead smaller pieces are used and overlapped and this makes the process a lot easier.

It is also necessary not to mix up too much epoxy in one go either.

Ideally you need three people to do this. One to mix the epoxy, one to cut, deliver and smooth out the peel ply and the third to apply the epoxy. With one person it can get a little tricky.

For the second half of the hull and after a lunch break, I cut the remaining peel ply into squares about 33cm a side. Two of these require about 3 pumps of epoxy and by doing it this way the second side only took 3 hours to complete.

Again, it looks quite messy with the peel ply al over everywhere, but it should look a little better tomorrow evening once I've removed the peel ply completely. No doubt there will be a few bits that were missed and so will need to be washed down and sanded, but these should be few, at least so I hope!

In the meantime, seven hours on my feet has caused some pain. I'm just not used to so much standing up at one time.