2018.04.07 - Final Preparations Part II

Despite the elevated temperatures this afternoon, the weather station recorded 18 Celsius, I was able to give the area of the hull that needed it, the attention required.

The hull does look like a badly shaved face in places with pieces of white tissue stuck on bleeding bits, except the tissue is peel ply and the "blood" is epoxy.

The main area that required some attention was the keel around the centre plate slot. It looks like a bit of a mess right now...

... but is should look a lot better once the peel ply has been removed. With the higher temperature this afternoon, it was a bit of a rush to get the peel ply in place before the epoxy had started to gel. The lower temperature tomorrow should make this an easier process.

Still, items 1 to 8 on my list have been completed.

A good day.