2018.04.02 - Over the Long Weekend

Most of the remainder of the weekend consisted of sanding, scraping, sanding, more scraping and sanding. Really boring to describe and photograph so I haven't bothered. The result is that Naiad's hull under the waterline is ready for the final sand before the epoxy base coat and the two copper epoxy antifouling coats. I had time to do the last sanding but the remainder of the work needs to be done immediately after that to take advantage of the freshly sanded surface and I haven't got all the supplies in yet.

So, here are some highlights of other work carried out over the weekend when I was taking a break from the sanding and scraping (etc)!

The rudder blade and stock also require copper antifouling so they have been scraped down and sanded to the penultimate sanding just like the hull.

Although the new copper antifouling is not water sensitive, the epoxy base coat is and so I've put up the tarpaulin tent to stop the hull from getting wet from the holes in the roof.

You can see where the water has already dripped onto the hull, it was raining when I put the tarpaulin up, and not at all surprisingly, these are the area where the previous antifouling failed.

This is the end of the gaff nearest the mast, called the throat, and you can see that the varnish and wood have been damaged on the upper side.

This is due to the stirrup to which the throat halyard is attached rubbing against the gaff when the sail is being lowered.

Some remedial work with the sanding attachment on the angle grinder and the damaged spot is removed hopefully enough to prevent the stirrup from touching it.

I took a fair bit off as you can see by comparing it with the other side.

And the first coat of varnish.