2018.03.24 - Hull Preparation

It's warm today so time to get on with the hull preparation. First thing to do it to invert Naiad. Firstly I had to measure the maximum distance from the top of the tabernacle to the deck.

The boom proved quite useful here, prop it up with a piece of wood one end...

...and a stool at the other and it was virtually level horizontally.

The measurement to the decks 22" so having supports 24" high will leave a couple of inches clearance.

Here we go again. I hope I've not left anything inside!

And here she it inverted and propped up on four butane gas cylinders which are 24" high. A block of wood on the top of each cylinder stops the metal handles from damaging the deck. I've left the slings in position as although quite stable on the cylinders, it's not that stable.

So, how did the copper epoxy antifouling fare? From a marine growth point of view it worked very well.

From the point of view of application, not so well. I seem to have made a bit of a mess of it in fact.

Large area of the epoxy have not bonded to the hull and have flaked off. That means that it all has to come off and be replaced as I don't know which bits have adhered well and which have not. Apart from the obvious areas that is.

Fortunately for me, being epoxy means that it is susceptible to heat so with a heat gun and a scraper I set to.

A coupe of hours later and one side is done.

I still have to do the bit that looks white in the photo but that will be done with a sander and not a scraper.

I also took the time to weigh Naiad's spars and other fittings:

Mast 21kg

Boom 12kg

Gaff 7kg

Centre plate 30.5kg

Anchor chain 23kg

Mud weight 10kg

Total: 103.5kg