2015.12.31 - Minor Repairs

I’m really not looking forward to using the long board so I started today by repairing two small errors that I made when removing the thwarts. In two places I managed to cut the hull, in one place right through the wood and in the other just partially. These have now been routed out and filled with veneer. Once the epoxy is cured these two will also be filled and faired as required.

Since these were small repairs I decided to remove only enough of the hull to accommodate two layers of veneer. The cut through the remaining hull was filled with the epoxy. Both layers of veneer were applied one after the other without allowing the epoxy to cure between the layers. This is acceptable where the shape of the hull is not compromised by the damage as was the case with the main repair.

I could have just filled these with thickened epoxy and left it that way but I decided that dong the job properly was a better way to go and only took an hour or so to accomplish.

More sanding required, though and that I could have done without!

The larger of the two sawing errors. This one went right through the hull.

This error was much smaller and did not cut right through.