2015.12.21 - Getting Interesting

As you can see by the photo above, things, as I’ve said in the title of today’s missive, things are about to get interesting. Specifically, the two parts of the repair are going to join up tomorrow. And that is sort of going to cause a problem. You can see that the angles of the two sets of strakes are not the same so whilst the tops will meet, the bottoms will not leaving a triangular bit left in the middle. The problem will be that the last part of the triangle to be removed the day after will be difficult as there will be nothing left upon which to rest the router. I will have to temporarily staple two pieces of veneer on the veneer already glued in place and use that as the rest. Could be interesting.

Here is another reason why the removal of the entire hull over the damaged section is necessary. The photo on the left shows that there is rot on the outside of the hull that is not visible from the inside. I found this bit by accident. I put the screwdriver down on to the hull and instead of a solid thunk it made a soft sound indicating that the wood underneath was damaged. A little work with a putty knife revealed the damage. This will soon be removed and replaced with new wood, so I’m not that concerned, however I will be going over the entire hull carefully tapping to see if there is any more damage, but not until after I have finished this part of the repair.