2015.11.14 - Foredeck Beams

I was going to tidy up the deck beams and leave them in place, but when I started to work on them I found that they were held on with glue and a single screw which was not going to be sufficiently strong for the new deck. So the beams were removed by cutting through the screw holding them in place. The screw could not be removed since the head of the screw is not accessible. It is outside of the beam shelf but inside of the hull. The beams were put to one side since although I have full-sized plans for the beams it will be easier to use the existing beams as templates, they already have the right curve.

The hull looks amazing with out the beams, open and spacious. To stop the hull from getting squashed I put a straight beam in place to keep the sides where I want them as a bracer.

A good day’s work .

You can see where the beams used to be by the unpainted bits on the beam shelf.

And also on the other side.

Here is the view from the stern with everything cleaned up and vacuumed.

It is very difficult to see the shape of the hull but the Falcon is a very sweet hull.

The temporary bracer in place.