2015.11.11 - The Saga Continues

Today’s task, as previously mentioned, was to cut away all the damaged wood on the port side of the hull and make it a regular shape for putting new veneers is place. So that’s what I did and where the wood was damaged this was easy. Around the damaged wood this was not so easy and where I was cutting completely undamaged wood just to make the edges straight it was downright difficult.

Only in one small spot was the underlying veneer damaged and then not enough to warrant cutting it away and putting in a new veneer. The damaged wood was scraped out and the hold will be plugged with thickened epoxy before the being covered with the inner veneer.

By the time I had finished, however, there was more damage to the second veneer due to some over aggressive work with a very sharp chisel. Still the job got done.

The whole thing was then sanded with a coarse grit sandpaper to remove any loose glue and to prepare the surface for the new veneer. Before I do that however, I must allow the entire boat to dry out. There are one or two holes in the roof of the workshop and the recent rain has dampened the inside of the hull.

The damaged wood removed and good wood cut away to give a regular(ish) shape.

The same thing as the previous photo but after the sanding.

A view of the interior of the hull showing both sides.