2018.12.24 - Not One Leak But Two!

Yes. Disaster. The end of the world as we know it. Naiad has two leaks!

Here's the first...

...and here's the second.

I put a container dawn the last time I was aboard and you can see that the leak is significant. There's about a litre of water in there and about the same in the bilge on the other side where I didn't put down something to catch the drips.

I have now as you can see.

This is the problem, the rain water collects here and the finds any gap it can which in this case is into the cabin. You can also see where the mould and green is growing as a result.

To fix this I need to cut a spillway in the bottom of the hatch runner so that the water as a way out without getting into the cabin. But to do that I'll need to remove the hatch. That's not too much of a big deal but sealing it all back up again is a problem since I need to to be dry or the sealant won't.

The forecast is clear of rain for the next few days in this area but that doesn't stop the boat from being wet. The humidity, mist and fog mean that although it hasn't rained today, the boat is still dripping wet. There isn't much wind until next Saturday so I may just have to take the hatch off, carry out the modification and then put a tarpaulin over the coach roof with the heater going for a few hours. That should dry everything out nicely.

It does need to be done before the next rainfall.

This is the scene from Naiad's cockpit this morning.

Not a lot of wind, even the smoke from the heater wasn't going anywhere.

I made a whole pot of tea this morning and once I'd poured out the first cup I put the teapot on the heater to keep warm. Didn't do any good, the heater just boiled the tea and it tasted funny, so I didn't get more than one cup anyway. Since I need to make a retaining guard around the top of the heater to stop the teapot from falling off when sailing, I'll build in a spacer or a diffuser so that the teapot doesn't sink directly on the top which should stop the tea from boiling.

We'll see.