2018.09.30 - Work Party

Today we had a work-party morning at the club to tidy up the moorings. When you join the club it is made very clear that you are expected to do some work around the club, either on-going such as cutting the grass on the river bank away from the water's edge, or during the work-parties that are arranged once or twice a year. You are also expected to look after your mooring and keep it tidy.

Unfortunately, not everyone does the latter and so the committee have called a work-party to clear things up and then anyone who does not look after their mooring thereafter will have the work done for them but they will be charged a lot of money instead.

Still, there are two main things to work on, the land side and the river side. The land side is curing the grass on the river bank, cleaning up rubbish and removing debris and the river side means pulling up the rushes and reeds and pushing the Floating Pennywort out into the river to float away.

As you can see from this photo, I do keep my mooring tidy, the grass on the bank is cut and the water is free from rushes. One of the drawbacks of a riverbank mooring is the spiders.

One this damp and sunny morning the webs are easily seen.

Not so easily in a photo but this one shows what I mean.

It is a beautiful and windless morning and there is water vapour rising up from the river.

We spent the mooring pulling up the rushes and pushing them out into the river where a small work boat hooked them up with a rake and towed them down river. No photos for that, I was too busy in a dinghy.