2018.04.21 - Packing it All In

I started early this morning, the forecast is for another hot day and by 9am Naiad was the right way up, on her trailer and out of the workshop.

She looks very smart with her new boot top.

We did manage to ground the hull during the inversion and although we had carpet squares on the workshop floor, this bit managed to miss them and scrape on the concrete.

It didn't take long to fix that.

All of the boat bits were moved into the workshop as you can see here and I spend the day slowly putting most of it onto the boat. There seems to be quite a lot but it all packs in easily, in fact I have stowage to spare, more than is being used, in fact. NO doubt that will change the more that I use Naiad.

The bits that do not live inside the boat are the rigging and that is tomorrow's job.