2018.04.18 - Painting the Boot Top Part I

An early start to the Naiad work today, the temperature is forecast to exceed 20 Celsius and whilst the temperature is high I wanted to get the two coats of boot top so that the paint all round has the best drying time and to harden as much as possible before I turn Naiad over.

The first thing to do was to tape the two and bottom of the boot top.

I deliberately put the tape for the bottom of the boot top a little way away from the waterline so that there is an overlap between the copper, the topside paint and the boot top paint. This ensures that there will be no gaps in the coverage.

And here is the result after the tape has been removed. It took longer to tape the boot top than it did to paint and then remove it but I think that tis is probably always the case if you do a good job of the taping.

The rudder blade also painted.

And the rudder stock. The line looks a little thinner here because is didn't paint over the metal of the gudgeon.

And a view from the stern.

I did get a few drips on the burgundy but after I have put the second boot top coat on the hull I'll go round with the burgundy paint and touch up where necessary.

A good start to the day and it isn't even 8am yet!