2018.03.17 - St. Patrick's Day Blues

It's too cold! Blue fingers, nose and ears and no work done on Naiad. I had hoped by now to be ready to put her back in the water, but the sub-10 Celsius temperatures have meant that I've not been able to do more than a little work. The paint, varnish and epoxy all require temperatures warmer than 10 Celsius and so do my fingers.

You can't use the tools in the workshop at the moment as you need gloves to hold them from the cold and you then can't use the tools because you have gloves on!

I did remove these two horned cleats from the port side of the coach roof. They are very nice and do the job except that I have three ropes that side and I found that I needed to free the ropes in a hurry for which these cleats are not suitable.

I replaced them with a single Tufnol cleat for the 8mm rope of the topping lift and two plastic cleats for the 4mm ropes that operate the furling gear. You can't get Tufnol cleats that are suitable for 4mm rope more's the pity, so plastic was the only way to go. The screw holes from the cleat removed will need to be filled, probably with epoxy but not until the warmer weather.