2018.03.10 - Time to Get Moving

Now that the cold weather has gone and we have temperatures that are around 10 Celsius it is time to get on this the work on Naiad that I need to complete before she goes back in the water.

Firstly, clear up the workshop so that there is space.

This is how she looks and has looked for some time.

Take off the cockpit tent and spread it on the workshop floor to dry.

The cockpit tent spreaders are taken off next and stored away.

The gaff is taken off and put into the workshop...

...along with the boom, both of which need some work done on them.

The mast comes down next...

...and is taken off.

There isn't going to be room in the workshop for the mast and Naiad, so the mast is rested on saw horses outside for the moment.

This is the damage caused but the throat block being too close to the mast band. I've turned the mast around so that this is underneath to stop water getting in. Once it is a bit warmer I'll sand it down and varnish it.

There is a a little rubbing here but it's mostly only the varnish that has suffered.

Likewise here, a few scraps in the varnish from where the mast has been raised and lowered.

The heel of the mast has some scrapes as well and will need a little attention.

Finally, Naiad is back in the workshop.

I wonder what I can put in the space left behind?