2018.02.17 - High Winds and Broken Bits

Over the last few days, as many of you will know, the winds over Eastern England have been strong. So much so that one I went down to Naiad to check her out I found that the wind had broken part of Naiad.

This is what I saw as I walked past and she looked odd.

And here is the reason why. This side should have been over the spreaders like the starboard side which you can see from the prior photo.

Looking inside I could see that the spreader legs had snapped. So this morning I decided to do something about it.

Both legs had snapped on a glued joint as you can see here. I debated for a few minutes on the advisability of just glueing them back together and had this not been Oak I would have done so, but being Oak means using resorcinol glue and that in turn means clean wood and well fitting joints. So I decided to make four new legs each out of a single piece of timber. I do not have any Oak that length but I do have so Douglas Fir offcuts and I used four of those to fashion the new legs.

A shorty time later I had the new legs cut, planed, rounded and drilled. Now I need to varnish them and that will have to wait until the weather warms up a little.

I will probably also make two cross pieces, one for each end, to help brace the spreaders when the winds are high.