The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2021.11.01 - Some Images of Brightlingsea

I took some photos and a video whilst I was visiting Brightlingsea and rather than waste them I'm posting them here.

The town centre itself is quite small but it does have a few shops and a nice coffee shop called Cafe Chic. 

But it's not exactly somewhere you'd want to visit to go shopping.

There are two or three long roads down from the High Street to the harbour.

This is the public hard near high tide.

More of the same.

View from the shore to the right of the floating pontoon.

Now at the end of the pontoon facing up the creek.

A bit further round clockwise.

And a bit more.

This is the view down the creek toward Mersea Island.

Starting to look back at Brightlinsea still from the end of the pontoon.

Now a quick video from the end of the pontoon with the audio removed as it is just wind noise.