The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2021.02.21 - More Preparation for Naiad's MoT

Again a lovely day, although overcast but that meant that outdoor chores can get done.

I spent a little time on Naiad.

The sealant for the deck fitting arrived so that was the first job. Looks a mess doesn't it? that's because it is a mess. I don't know of any easy way to get a nice finish with silicone sealant, the stuff is just a pain to use.

Does the job however and it will be under the solar panels so the much-less-than-perfect finish will not be noticed.

The other thing that I got done was filling the old screw holes that held the bullseyes on the coachroof. Nothing fancy, just some wood glue squirted into the holes and then let gravity to the rest of the job. I'll check again tomorrow and see if I need to add a bit more glue. The only tricky bit about this job was to ensure that I didn't fill in the holes that are for the new rope guide.

Guess what?

Time for a cup of tea.